Fortran 95 is the previous Fortran standard, with the official International Standards Organization (ISO) number of ISO/IEC 1539-1997. Since it has been copyrighted as a world-wide standard it is no longer available as a free review draft. Fortran 95 compilers are available for many different computer architectures and operating systems. The current Fortran standard, Fortran 2003, has not been widely implemented yet.

ISO 1539-1997 is really a family of standards, "part-1" (the base standard) of this family is what is commonly known as Fortran 95. Currently there are two other parts: part-2 defines an interface, and a module implementation, for variable-length strings, and part-3 defines a Fortran-like facility for conditional compilation.

The following are different ways to contact independent commercial organizations or WG5 to obtain copies of Fortran 95 standard.

search here for "1539" to get a hardcopy from NCITS

lookup "1539" to get an electronic copy from ANSI Online

Fortran 95 family of standards (access to the other parts)

Last Updated: 16-January-2007